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Get Exposure On The T2 Tech Talk Podcast

Our audience is growing steadily and we’d love for your products and services to be featured on our show, well, except for operating systems that rhymes with ShmicroSoft, lol. Wait, Bill, if you want in, we could probably make an exception, I mean, not every product can be as amazing as the Apple OS, so, if you want to throw a couple million our way, we’ll probably take it…

Audience Reach

The T2 Tech Talk Podcast is not only informative, it’s freaking hilarious. The Toms break down marketing and tech into bite sized easy, peasy pieces of info to keep listeners on the cutting edge of ‘stuff.’

From apps, to cyber-security, to breaking down the latest threats to your personal information and data from those nefarious thugs in Kersplakistan, the Toms are ON IT.